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Ciao! It’s Laura, nice to meet you!

I live in Verona (Italy) and in 2016 I decided to start a new adventure opening a shop where I sell the bags that I craft myself. This journey started all the way back in 2011 when FiluFilu was first introduced in local markets.


What Filufilu offers is something unconventional, as the bags are created in the back room of the shop; exactly like in an artisanal workshop.


I design the bags thinking about our core values:  convenience, simplicity, and quality.

I tend to say that bags are the first partner of a woman’s daily adventure. That’s why I like to listen to different ideas and suggestions of my clients and to test personally the prototypes of the bags before making them.


FiluFilu cherishes quality and can guarantee it by controlling all the production phases, starting from the selection of the leather.


My biggest desire is to be able to proudly say:

I made your bag!


If you have the chance to visit Verona don’t hesitate to stop by my shop; I will be happy to show you the lab and welcome you into the artisanal atmosphere.


xx, Laura

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