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Sustainable bags...



The leather

The leather used for the FiluFilu bags is chosen carefully, taking into account the principles of social and environmental responsibility.

The processing of the leather is supervised at every step, ensuring the end product is of good quality and will long-lasting.

The color palette changes with the seasons, always keeping in mind shades that will stand the test of time.


The craft

All the bags are conceived and made by me,

Laura Guerresi, in the lab right behind the

Fil Good. shop in Verona.

I used to say that between the production 

and the sale there is only a corridor. 

I believe in quality, precision, 

and the care of details. 

That's what makes every single FiluFilu bag unique.


The values

"Buy less, choose well"


Purchasing a FiluFilu bag means to make a choice:

the choice to come back to the small business, to relationships and to real talks. In addition, supporting small businesses takes a step forward towards more sustainable consumption, through which you can enjoy a high quality product for a longer time.

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