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The bag that comes from a powernap

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That's what happened...

In a hot afternoon of August, my daughter wakes up from her power nap (yep, we're Italians) and she texts me:

"I dreamt a bag"


She even send me a sketch, so I try to realise it.


So here you are the result, the Penny bag!

A bag that embraces 3 essential values of FiluFilu:

  1. The relation with the family, because FiluFilu it's not just mine, but it's a family fact.

  2. The originality and uniqueness of the models

  3. The versatility: the bag doesn't influence the outfit! A casual or smart outfit... you can choose!

FiluFilu has reached the 10K followers on Instagram!

The Penny bag is now available, thank you!

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